Spiritual Life

La Salle school is proud of its numerous program activities that nurtures the Christian faith of our learners. The aim of our programs is to help our pupils grow in the knowledge and practice of faith, be mature, morally upright and be responsible members of the society.


School Mass is conducted every Wednesday for upper primary and Thursday for kindergarten and lower primary learners at 7:30 am.  Pupils participate in the Holy Mass by serving, reading and singing in the choir. Pastoral Program instructions (P.P.I)
Pastoral Program instructions are faith-based teachings offered to learners irrespective of their faith.

Pastoral Program Instructions for Catholic pupils entails teachings in the following:
1. Baptism
2. First Holy Communion
3. Confirmation

Ongoing formation: This is given to learners who have done baptism, first Holy Communion and confirmation to nurture their faith.
At the end of this, catholic pupil’s will receive the following sacraments:
First Holy Communion
Non-Catholic pupils are involved in faith based teachings conducted by their teachers or volunteers.