La Salle catholic school endeavors to touch lives and bring hope to the less privileged in the society. We do this through our comprehensive charity programme.  


La Salle School participates in the annual Catholic Walk to raise funds to support the needy with the gift of education.


We believe healthy people are productive. We are at the forefront of supporting efforts geared towards providing access to good health in the community. 

La Salle School participates in the following:

  1. Mater Heart Run.
  2. Gertrudes Annual Cancer walk:  The Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital annual charity cancer walk is organized every year to raise funds to support early diagnosis and treatment for children from poor communities suffering from cancer across the country. This year, we participated in Gertrude’s second annual cancer walk on Sunday, May 21, 2023, at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi.


There are needy people among us. They lack access to basic necessities such as shelter, food, and clothing. La Salle Catholic School strives to bring hope to the needy in society.

We visit orphanages for children and homes for the elderly to support them where we can. Our visits are termly, at the end of every term.

We have visited the following:

  1. Blessings children's home in Ruai.
  2. Little sisters of the poor (nyumba ya wazee), Kasarani.
  3. Mother Theresa, Langata.
  4. Cottolengo children's home.
  5. Cheryl's children's home in Dagorreti.
  6. Makimei children’s home in Kikuyu

 How to get involved?

You can get involved by

  1. Giving dry food stuff (maize, sugar, beans, rice, salt, cooking oil, flour, etc.).
  2. Giving nonfood items such as soap, clothes, tissue, sanitary towels, etc.
  3. Donating money

Contact us for donations.