Learners qualify for admission to our school after successfully excelling in the placement interview.

Register for the interview!

Download the pupil interview registration form here   fill it and email us or visit our school and fill the form at the school’s reception desk. We will notify you the interview dates.

For more inquiries contact the school administration through  

Pupil admission registration form

Fill the online application form OR download offline pupil registration form here, fill it correctly, sign and submit it to the school administration on the day of admission.


Get the pupil registration form at the school’s reception desk.

The admission number will be issued once payment of school fees is confirmed by the school’s finance department. 

The admission process

  • Registration at the reception desk and confirmation of office documents
  • Issuance/submission of pupil registration form 
  • Submitting bank deposit slips at finance office
  • Issuance of admission number in the administration office